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dxʷləšucid sʔəsqaləkʷ ʔə ti wiw̓su


The Tulalip Tribes Lushootseed Department is looking for youth ages 5-12 who are interested in participating in our 19th Annual Lushootseed Language Camp.

Each camp is open to 50 participants (tribal preference applies) for a total of 100 youth combined. Youth will participate in eight stations with lessons based on the traditional story “The Seal Hunting Brothers” told by Martha LaMont.

When: July 21st-25th (Week One)
July 28th-August 1st (Week Two)
Who: Youth Ages 5-12 (Tribal Preference Applies)
Where: Kenny Moses Building (Monday-Thursday)
Hibulb Cultural Center Longhouse (Friday)
Time: 10am-3pm Monday-Thursday
2014 Lushootseed Language Camp Registration Form

Please fill out Camp Application and return to the Lushootseed Department at the administration building on the 2nd floor, to one of the CSR’s on the first floor, scan and e-mail to: or mail to: 6406 Marine Dr, Tulalip, WA 98271.

For more information contact:

Natosha Gobin       360-716-4499

Michele Balagot    360-716-4495

The 2014 Lushootseed dxʷləšucid Calendar featuring birds is now available for download and printing. This years calendar features birds tiʔiʔiɬ ʔabstəblax̌ad. It is available in the Download section.

New Songs are posted, that are interactive and Mobile enabled.    

Lushootseed Fonts and keyboards are available in the Downloads section.

Google Chrome is now the recommended browser.

Lushootseed is a member of the Salish language family, whose approximately twenty surviving languages are spoken from northern Oregon to central  British Columbia, and from the Pacific coast eastward into Montana and along the British Columbia-Alberta border.
   The Lushootseed-speaking region extends along the shores of Puget Sound from modern-day Olympia to the Skagit watershed and from Hood canal to the Cascades.  The term “Northern “ refers to the language as spoken by the Skagit, Swinomish, Sauk-Suiattle, Stillaguamish and neighboring peoples; “Southern Lushootseed,” is that spoken by the peoples of Snoqualmie, Muckleshoot, Puyallup, Nisqually, Squaxin Island, Suquamish and their neighbors.  The Snohomish Lushootseed spoken at Tulalip exhibits features of both Northern and Southern language, though it is usually categorized as “Northern.”
   The Tulalip Tribes Lushootseed Department is dedicated to increasing awareness of Lushootseed within the community and beyond, as well as to restoring the language to everyday use within the community.


Every tribal home, every tribal workplace, every tribal gathering and every schoolroom for tribal children will be a Lushootseed-rich environment.


To preserve the x̌əč̓usadad (traditional training, teaching) of the people of Tulalip by protecting its records and by becoming “living records” ourselves who by speaking, teaching and involvement in living culture pass on to the tribal community what we have learned.


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(360) 716-4495

(360) 716-0615

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6406 Marine Drive, Tulalip, WA 98271

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